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The BICTO shall be the primary policy, planning, coordinating and implementing body in BARMM for promoting, developing and regulating the used of efficient and effective information and communication technology infrastructure, systems, facilities, and services to support sound, systematic, transparent, and accountable form of governance.

        1. Periodically formulate a BARMM information and communication technology (ICT) strategic development plan for approval of the Cabinet;
        2. Ensure the alignment of regional ICT development plans with the Bangsamoro Government’s Agenda;
        3. Monitor and ensure the implementation, and undertake review and periodic updating of the Bangsamoro Government’s e-government plan;
        4. Formulate and recommend appropriate policies, procedures, standards and guidelines relating to the acquisition, disposal, use, implementation, utilization, management, security and protection of ICT resources;
        5. Administer the BARMM Government Domain, Web Hosting Server, E-mail Services and other online platform and/or services;
        6. Facilitate the configuration of Centralized Information Systems, which shall be installed in the Information and Communications Office under the Office of the Chief Minister, to enable rapid access to reliable information and reinforce government services in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
        7. Develop, manage and maintain the Bangsamoro Government-owned ICT infrastructure, except otherwise provided by law or executive issuance;
        8. Administer the implementation of major programs, activities and projects relating to ICT within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region;
        9. Promote, provide technical assistance, and monitor the compliance of the BARMM ministries to existing ICT laws, policies, standards, and guidelines;
        10. Promote collaborative efforts to ensure ICT capabilities and capacities across all sectors and levels in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region; and
        11. Perform such other related functions as may be assigned by law or higher authorities