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BARMM Intranet Consultation Meeting
18 August 2023 | Darul Aman Suite & Function Hall
On August 18, 2023, a significant and pivotal meeting was convened at the Darul Aman Suites & Function Hall. This meeting marked the initiation of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) Intranet project, aimed at revolutionizing communication, collaboration, decision-making, and issue resolution within the project team and key stakeholders. The gathering brought together all the Information Technology Officers (ITO) from various Ministries, Offices, and Agencies and technical experts to discuss strategies for project implementation and address pressing challenges.
Meeting Agenda and Discussions:
1. Identifying Challenges in Internal Processes:
   The meeting kicked off with a comprehensive discussion regarding the identification of Ministries, Offices, and Agencies facing challenges within their internal processes. These challenges were targeted for inclusion in the initial phase of the project. By addressing these challenges head-on, the project aims to tailor solutions that align with the specific needs of each entity.
2. Establishment of a Technical Working Group (TWG):
   To ensure a holistic and comprehensive approach to planning and design, a Technical Working Group (TWG) was proposed and agreed upon. The TWG’s mandate would be to streamline the project’s development while addressing concerns raised by various Ministries, Offices, and Agencies. This collaborative framework will enable the incorporation of diverse perspectives and expertise.
3. Co-location of Data Hub Consideration:
   The meeting proceeded to deliberate on the potential co-location of the Data Hub with existing Data Centers and Data Rooms within Ministries, Offices, and Agencies. The objective was to explore avenues for cost reduction by minimizing the construction expenses associated with a new Data Hub. The attendees collectively recognized the potential benefits of this approach in terms of resource optimization.
4. Centralized Information Systems Discourse:
   The attendees engaged in an in-depth conversation about the merits and challenges of advocating for centralized Information Systems within BARMM. This approach was acknowledged for its potential to enhance efficiency, data security, and resource allocation. However, the complexities and intricacies of such an endeavor were also discussed, underscoring the need for careful consideration.
5. Consensus on Approvals of Common Systems:
   A key highlight of the meeting was the unanimous agreement to present a proposition to the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Management (MFBM). The proposition proposes withholding approvals for common systems originating from different Ministries, Offices, and Agencies. This measure is aimed at encouraging the sharing of existing systems, thereby fostering collaborative efforts and resource optimization.
As the meeting concluded, the participants collectively recognized the urgency of the next steps. A decision was reached to expedite another meeting to further elaborate on the project plan and delve into the specifics of implementation design. In this endeavor, the expertise of the Ministries, Offices, and Agencies’ IT Officers will play a pivotal role in steering the project towards successful implementation.
In summary, the recently concluded BARMM Intranet Meeting on August 18, 2023, exemplified the BARMM’s dedication to creating a more connected, efficient, and innovative environment. The issues and concerns discussed during the meeting highlighted the commitment of the region’s IT Officers to foster collaboration, optimize resources, and streamline internal processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. The stage is set for the development of a transformative intranet solution that reflects the collective aspirations of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.


BARMM Intranet Consultation Meeting

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