20 – 24 October 2022 | Metro Manila

Looking for ways to improve the government services in the Bangsamoro Region. Benchmarking may be the solution. Benchmarking in a government entity is a way of comparing best industry practices against your organizations’ processes to identify performance gaps and achieve a competitive advantage.
The Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO) conducted Data Center Benchmarking last 20 – 24 October 2022 on the different data center in Metro Manila that includes the DICT – Central Office Data Center, VST ECS Data Center, Eastern Telecommunications Philippines Incorporated and ePLDT VTOR.
Consistent to the Enhanced 12 Point Priority Agenda of Chief Minister Ahod B. Ebrahim in BARMM, item no. 2 Digital Infrastructure and E-Governance. The activity aims to (1) to fully understand the purpose of the data center; (2) to implies the willingness to change and a desire to implement best practices; (3) to understand relative cost position and to identify opportunities for improvement; (4) to gain strategic advantage by focusing on capabilities critical to building; and (5) to increase the rate of organizational learning since the benchmarking exercise brings new ideas and facilitates experience sharing.
This activity will be the starting point on building the Bangsamoro Data Center that will operationalize in the whole Bangsamoro Region and will be beneficial to all.
Correspondingly, Bangsamoro Region aims to a more effective and efficient form of digital government in pursuit to the Moral Governance advocacy of Chief Minister Ebrahim.

Data Center Benchmarking


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