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Digital Literacy Training: Advanced Web Development
August 16–17, 2023 | STI College Cotabato, Cotabato City
A new technological era is emerging, as young minds from the Bangsamoro region gather to explore the vast realm of digital possibilities. This exploration took place on August 16-17 during a two-day, intensive information and digital literacy training hosted in this city.
The Bangsamoro Information Communication and Technology (BICTO) recently extended an invitation to a group of passionate digital enthusiasts, encouraging them to join the technological revolution. This initiative places a strong emphasis on empowerment and upholds the principles of “Moral Governance.” These young individuals are now preparing to ride the digital wave, poised to shape the future of technology within their communities.
In partnership with STI College, BICTO has provided rigorous training to nurture the skills of these young digital enthusiasts. The training featured expert lecturers, hands-on projects for practical experience, and comprehensive insights into cutting-edge web technologies, including networking, data protection, and cybersecurity.
BICTO is committed to assisting participants in their job searches by connecting them with suitable opportunities. “When agencies seek assistance in hiring individuals with digital and ICT skills, we will link them with qualified trainees who possess the necessary competencies.
This proactive push towards digitalization aligns perfectly with the Enhanced 12-Point Priority Agenda of BARMM Chief Minister Ahod Ebrahim. This agenda seeks to establish the necessary digital infrastructure to enhance the availability and accessibility of digitized government services, strengthen data privacy and security, and improve the e-governance framework throughout the region.
As the Bangsamoro youth eagerly embrace this forward-looking opportunity, the ripple effects of their newfound digital skills are poised to reshape the technological landscape within the region.


Digital Literacy Training: Advanced Web Development

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