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Digital Literacy Training: Computer Troubleshooting

DICT Digital Transformation Center, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region

The Digital Literacy Training on Computer Troubleshooting was held at DICT Digital Transformation Center, marked a vital initiative in the domain of digital literacy, firmly aligned with the objectives of the Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO), the principal ICT agency in the Bangsamoro region.

A diverse group of participants with varying professional backgrounds assembled at the DICT Digital Transformation Center, eager and enthusiastic to enhance their digital literacy in computer troubleshooting. The BICTO team welcomed and greeted the participants warmly, establishing a positive ambiance for what would be an enlightening and empowering training.

Dr. Jonathan M. Mantikayan, the esteemed Executive Director of BICTO, graced the activity with his presence. In his inaugural address, Dr. Mantikayan extended his gratitude to all participants, recognizing their commitment to advancing their digital literacy. He emphasized that this training initiative is a crucial stride toward equipping all participants with the ability to adapt to the continuous changes in technology, ensuring they remain informed and proficient in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Furthermore, BICTO enlisted the expertise of Arapa Midtimbang, to lead the training and guide the participants through the complexities of computer troubleshooting. Midtimbang, an accomplished IT professional, shared valuable insights and practical knowledge, enriching the overall learning experience.

The training design was meticulously tailored to cover a wide array of computer troubleshooting concepts, encompassing hardware and software issues, troubleshooting methodologies, and practical exercises in diagnosing and resolving common computer problems. The training sessions were highly interactive, encouraging active participation and providing a platform for participants to seek clarifications and ask questions.

The hands-on workshops emerged as a highlight of the training, offering participants the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. Engaging in troubleshooting exercises, participants diagnosed and resolved various computer-related challenges under the expert guidance of the trainers.

As the two-day training ended, participants were presented with certificates of completion. The atmosphere was charged with excitement and a sense of accomplishment as participants left the training armed with newfound knowledge and increased confidence in troubleshooting computer-related issues.

The Digital Literacy Training on Computer Troubleshooting at DICT Digital Transformation Center showcased BICTO’s unwavering dedication to promoting digital literacy and equipping individuals with essential skills crucial in an increasingly digital world. Dr. Jonathan M. Mantikayan’s encouraging words will resonate with the participants as they venture into an environment where technological adaptability is key to success.

In conclusion, this training program signifies a significant step toward realizing BICTO’s vision of a digitally empowered Bangsamoro region. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of targeted digital literacy initiatives, sparking enthusiasm and optimism for future endeavors aimed at empowering ICT users throughout the region. (Abdulbasir Endong, BICTO Information Officer)



Abdulbasir Endong
Abdulbasir Endong

Information Officer

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Digital Literacy Training: Computer Troubleshooting

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