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Digital Literacy Training: System Administration

DICT Digital Transformation Center, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region

The recently concluded Digital Literacy Training on System Administration held at the DICT Digital Transformation Center marked a significant milestone in advancing digital literacy in the Bangsamoro region. The training program, organized in alignment with the mandates of the Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO), the primary ICT agency in the Bangsamoro region, aimed to equip individuals with essential skills in system administration.

Participants from various professional backgrounds gathered at the DICT Digital Transformation Center, reflecting the diverse need for digital literacy skills in system administration. Their shared enthusiasm and keen interest in enhancing their knowledge and proficiency in system administration set the tone for an engaging and empowering training.

Dr. Jul-Amin M. Edza, Project Development Officer III from OPAPRU-IDB, played a pivotal role as a resource person, providing invaluable insights and expertise in system administration. His wealth of knowledge enriched the training and was a vital asset in ensuring its success.

The training design was meticulously crafted, covering fundamental concepts in system administration, including operating systems, network management, security protocols, and best practices. The sessions were designed to be interactive and participatory, encouraging active engagement from the participants.

The hands-on workshops were a highlight of the training, enabling participants to apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios. The guidance and support from Dr. Edza and the training team ensured that each participant gained practical skills and experience in system administration.

As the training concluded, participants were awarded certificates of completion, recognizing their dedication and successful participation in the program. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of accomplishment and optimism as participants left the training equipped with enhanced skills in system administration.

The Digital Literacy Training on System Administration at the DICT Digital Transformation Center showcased BICTO’s commitment to promoting digital literacy and equipping individuals with crucial skills for the modern digital landscape. Dr. Jul-Amin M. Edza’s valuable contributions were instrumental in enriching the training and contributing to its overall success.

In conclusion, this training program represents a significant step toward fulfilling BICTO’s vision of a digitally empowered Bangsamoro region. It stands as a testament to the effectiveness of targeted digital literacy initiatives and serves as a precursor to future endeavors aimed at empowering ICT users across the region. (Abdulbasir Endong, BICTO Information Officer)



Abdulbasir Endong
Abdulbasir Endong

Information Officer

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Digital Literacy Training: System Administration

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