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The Training on Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Governance in the Bangsamoro Region, held on October 23, 2023, at Nursalam Hall in Cotabato City, was an exceptional platform for promoting the innovative use of technology in governance. This transformative event was made possible through the generous support of DJI Enterprise and spearheaded by the Bangsamoro Information and Communication Technology Office (BICTO).

The training was a reflection of the commitment to foster technological advancement and progressive governance within the Bangsamoro Region. Attended by government officials, professionals, and technology enthusiasts, it served as a vital platform to explore, learn, and embrace advanced technologies that can elevate the region’s governance and service delivery.

The event featured a message from Mr. Jonathan M. Mantikayan, PhD.IT, the Executive Director of BICTO. In his address, he emphasized the importance of technological advancement in enhancing governance and improving the quality of services provided to the people of the Bangsamoro Region.

 Dr. Mantikayan highlighted the remarkable potential of technology to streamline government operations, increase efficiency, and deliver services that cater to the unique needs of the region’s residents. He stressed that embracing cutting-edge technologies is a means to achieving governance excellence. And he concluded with a vision for the future – one where technology becomes a tool for positive transformation, fostering good governance, and advancing the region’s socio-economic landscape.

The training activity that followed this inspirational message were designed to empower participants with practical skills and knowledge on the application of advanced technologies, including drones, data analytics, and other digital tools, in various aspects of governance.

The Training on Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Governance in the Bangsamoro Region was a significant step towards realizing the potential of technology in achieving better governance and service delivery. The event highlighted the commitment of the Bangsamoro Region to embrace innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a more prosperous and inclusive future for all its residents. It served as a testament to the region’s dedication to progress and excellence in governance.

(Abdulbasir B. Endong, Information Officer, BICTO)



Abdulbasir Endong
Abdulbasir Endong

Information Officer

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Training on Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Governance in the Bangsamoro Region

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