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The Gender and Development in Islamic Perspective seminar, held from October 24 to 26, 2023, at Davao City, marked a significant milestone in advancing gender inclusivity and development in the Bangsamoro region. Organized by the Bangsamoro Information and Communication Technology Office (BICTO), the event aimed to shed light on the critical intersection between Islamic perspectives and gender development. The comprehensive three-day seminar saw the active participation of esteemed experts and trainers.

To ensure the success of the seminar, BICTO invited a training team from the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro. Composed of Ms. Sittie Saharah Mustapha and Mr. Datunot Akmad, this team brought their extensive knowledge and expertise to the seminar, enriching the discussions and activities.

In addition, BICTO collaborated with the Bangsamoro Women Commission, engaging the services of Ms. Kristina Joy Tanghal, Ustadza Anisa T. Arab, and Ustadza Jihan C. Batiting. These distinguished individuals, well-versed in Islamic perspectives and gender development and its legal and basic concepts, played crucial roles in providing valuable insights and facilitating meaningful discussions throughout the event.

A poignant message was delivered by Jonathan M. Mantikayan, PhD.IT, the Executive Director of BICTO, during the seminar. Dr. Mantikayan emphasized the importance of setting clear intentions or “niyyah” in all aspects of personality development training. He stressed that the participants gathered not as isolated individuals but as bearers of the collective spirit and wisdom of their ancestors who had paved the way for the establishment of the Bangsamoro.

Dr. Mantikayan encouraged all participants to always remember that they are continuing the struggles initiated by their forebears. This seminar serves as a testament to that continuity and a dedication to pursuing excellence in realizing the policy direction of the Chief Minister regarding Moral Governance.

The Gender and Development in Islamic Perspective seminar was a resounding success, offering a comprehensive understanding of the vital role that Islamic perspectives play in shaping gender development within the Bangsamoro. The collective knowledge, expertise, and shared intention of the participants have paved the way for a more inclusive and informed approach to gender issues in the region. This seminar reinforces the commitment of the Bangsamoro to carry forward the legacy of their ancestors and to work toward a better, more equitable future.



Abdulbasir Endong
Abdulbasir Endong

Information Officer

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