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Mandatory Onboarding Training
August 7 – 11, 2023 | Venue 88 Hotel, General Santos City
The Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office (BICTO) has always been committed to fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to advance its mission of technological innovation and progress. In line with this commitment, a Mandatory Onboarding Training was organized for BICTO employees and staff from August 7 to 11, 2023. The training took place at the esteemed Venue 88 Hotel in General Santos, marking an important milestone in the continuous development of our team.
The primary objectives of the Mandatory Onboarding Training were to ensure that all BICTO employees are equipped with the essential skills, knowledge, and insights needed to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the organization’s goals. The training aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding specifically on the following objectives:
1.       Present the elements of Moral Governance through discussion;
2.       Value the leaders who took part in the history of the Bangsamoro through lecture;
3.       Reflect from the different struggles of the Bangsamoro before it achieved the current state;
4.       Categorize the values in order to transform from being an ordinary member of community to being a Bangsamoro government employee; and
5.       Adopt basic skills necessary for a new entrant employee through learning sessions.
The five-day training program was thoughtfully designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience for the participants. It encompassed a diverse range of topics, including technical skills, and communication strategies, teamwork. The sessions were a mix of engaging lectures, hands-on workshops, interactive discussions, and real-life case studies on the struggles of Bangsamoro
The success of the Mandatory Onboarding Training was greatly attributed to the expertise and guidance provided by the Development Academy of Bangsamoro (DAB). DAB played a crucial role in shaping the training agenda and ensuring its alignment with the organization’s goals.
The training proved to be a valuable platform for learning and growth. Participants gained a deeper understanding of key concepts, acquired new technical skills, and honed their ability to work collaboratively.
As the Mandatory Onboarding Training concluded, BICTO employees emerged with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. Armed with enhanced knowledge and skills, they are better equipped to contribute to BICTO’s mission of advancing technology and communication in the Bangsamoro region. The collaboration with the Development Academy of Bangsamoro underscored the commitment to excellence and continuous learning. BICTO looks forward to leveraging the outcomes of this training to drive progress and innovation in the field of information and communications technology.
BICTO Executive Director II, Jonathan M. Mantikayan, PhDIT extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, resource persons, and the Development Academy of Bangsamoro for their unwavering support and dedication in making this training a success. Their collective efforts have undoubtedly laid the foundation for a more capable and empowered BICTO team.


Mandatory Onboarding Training

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