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BICTO conducted its annual Mid-year Assessment and Institutional Building Activity last August 1 – 5, 2022 at Cavanico Il Mare Resorts, Island Garden City of Samal.
The Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology (BICTO) was created with its powers and functions under section 66, Chapter 3 (B), Title III, Book IV of the Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 13 known as an act providing for the Bangsamoro Administrative Code and for Other Related Purposes. Further, with reference to the Administrative Order No. 0004 series of 2021, Operationalizing the Bangsamoro Information and Communications Technology Office, Providing Guidelines Therefor and Other Related Purposes.
1. To gauge the performance of BICTO for 2022 (January-June 2022), taking into considerations its mandates and targets;
2. To determine whether BICTO is being strategic in the implementation of its programs, projects and activities;
3. To assess BICTO as an organization; its management, personnel and working environment by conducting a SWOT analysis in preparation for next 2 quarter of 2022 Strategic Planning;
4. To share the learnings of the personnel who attended trainings and or capacity buildings;
5. To establish harmonious working environment and strengthen working relationship and teamwork; and
6. To discuss and address challenges, issues and concerns.
BICTO sought the expertise and services of Mr. Lo Ivan R. Castillon, Chief of the Planning and Management Division, OCM-TMS, facilitated series of workshops.
The Mid-Year Assessment aims to consolidate and evaluate the activities conducted by BICTO. It is hoped that lessons learned will be shared and that steps forward for the next two quarter will be identified strategically.
The Institution Building Activity through structured indoor and outdoor activities aims to hopefully improve and strengthen the working relationship and teamwork of BICTO employees.
Throughout the conduct of the activity, BICTO employees were given the time and opportunity to exchange and share ideas, spend quality time knowing each other and more importantly, employees were reminded of their individual roles and responsibilities.



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