National SPMS Benchmarking Tour 2023
27 February – 03 March 2023 | Metro Manila

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the independent central monetary authority of the Republic of the Philippines, has established a human resource management system that governs all personnel selection, hiring, appointment, transfer promotion, and dismissal in accordance with sound management principles.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC), one of the three Constitutional Commissions of the Philippines, serves as Philippine Government’s primary personnel agency, with a tasked to promote professionalism, effectiveness, integrity, responsiveness, and courtesy.

The BSP accepted the CSC’s challenge to be bold a relentless in seeking ways to improve its service and to continue to be better among others. Furthermore, the BSP announces stricter rules for the recruitment of employees at institutions under its supervision.

Jonathan M. Mantikayan, PhD.IT, Executive Director of the BICTO-BARMM is one of the participants on the conduct of the National SPMS Benchmarking Tour 2023 held on 27 February – 03 March 2023 at Metro Manila spearheaded by the Office of the Chief Minister – Human Resource Management Office.


National SPMS Benchmarking Tour 2023


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